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Everyone loves a good story


Michael Woodrum’s songwriting is authentic. He writes a lot. Whether solo or with collaborators, he’s always writing. It’s his passion. Michael can always find the heart of the story. Then he writes music that tells that story with grace, power and beauty to the audience and creates an “in demand” sound.  All the while, he never forgets this is a business and these songs create profit for all involved.

A background with experience and innovation has given him the perspective to write music from pop to country with upbeat, catchy hooks, and strong storytelling.

Michael is a producer with a killer studio and a large network of musicians. That’s where The Crew comes in. California had the Wrecking Crew. Detroit had the Funk Brothers. Woodrum Productions has The Crew. The Crew is a collective of musicians and singers who come together to create music for specific projects and for the art of creating.